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Agroturist farm
Mrs Lucyna i Zbigniew Kucz

Mrs Lucyna i Zbigniew Kucz
Wierchomla Wielka 54
33-350 Piwniczna
tel.: +48 18 44 68 219
e-mail: kucz@piwniczna.sacz.pl
account number: Bank Spółdzielczy w Piwnicznej
34 8813 0004 2001 0009 1880 0002

We invite you round for our farm (10         ha), is situated in a silent solitude.
We welcome families and groups.

The house is situated at the end of a peaceful valley, surrounded by meadows.
You can drive to us by car. In use safe parking near home.

We have 2, 3, 4 and 5 person rooms to let (rooms for 4 are with bathrooms,
toailets and showers are situated on corridor).
Good standard.

We assure at request all day or partly board, including among other own products.                                 
Among many dishes, guests which have had occasion to taste our cooking, are speaking well
About fresh milk, bread baked in old oven and trout which you can catch                                                                          from the stream for yourself. 

Childrens_from_animals.jpg            Mushroom1.jpg  

Master of the house is boasting of "Trouts from Bystra Woda", which are foreseen only for
Mr and Mrs Kucz and their guests.

We invite                
in our thresholds!

pstrag.jpg           staw.jpg

Farm is attractive in winter too. About 1 km from the house there are ski lifts.

Master of the house organizes sledgings with band, which usually finish with fire with roasted ram.

We invite you to sharing with us your remarks about residence in our farm.
We thank you in advance..!

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